1-1 Coaching

1-on-1 simply put, allows you to dig deep and work solely on you. Well-being addresses many things and sometimes you may need to primarily focus on a specific area. You can have 1-on-1 in any of the following areas:

General Fitness & health – need a kickstart? Want to set a routine? Maintenance?

· Injury rehabilitation and strength – Understanding how nutrition plays a part in healing, strengthening exercises to get you
back to your peak

· Pre natal fitness – Pregnant need some guidance on safe exercises?

· Post birth – need to know where to start back first and juggle the little one?

· Peri/menopause – Incorporating nutrition, mindfulness and exercise into this transitional period

· Nutrition guidance and Conscious food eating

· Mindset and Habit breaking/forming

· Weekly chats and pictorial food diaries

* You may find these topics overlap and you find your session
tailored to incorporating more than one area.

You can be assured that our consultations and talks will be of the strictest confidence and the programmes will be:


Safe – safely engineering you through the movements

Efficient – Creating time efficient workouts which get straight to the point and don’t faff about

Bespoke – your programmes will be as individual and unique as you are

Flexible – adaptable to your preferences and abilities

Accountable – You setting your goals, time frames (if any) and holding yourself to account, I’ll also be there to prompt with a text or two!

If any of this resonates with you, book in for a consultation!

Questions? Feel free to get in touch!