Health and Wellness Workshops

The area of well-being is huge, with each counterpart an abyss of information.

How do you know what you need?

Workshops give you a chance to delve deeper into specific areas, dividing up the umbrella term of well being into bite size pieces. They can provide you with key facts, information, and give you relevant tips and techniques to get you focused and motivated.

Workshops are completely tailorable with your objectives. They are flexible in length, frequency of sessions or you can have a series of workshops that build on one another.
They are deliverable in person and/or online.

Health and Wellness Workshops are a place for you to…

Be Encouraged and motivated

Connect With New People

Be Inspired

Learn In A New Environment

Past Creative Health Workshops have covered…

General Health & Well-Being

  • Three Pillars to general health: Health, Excercise & Nutrition
  • General fitness
  • Stress Management

Prenatal & Postnatal Fitness

Prenatal Fitness:

  • Learn how to excercise safely during pregnancy
  • Build strength & stamina to help with labour
  • Key tips and tools to deal with fluctuations in hormone stages and physical changes


Postnatal Fitness:

  • Learn how and when to start excercising after birth
  • Understand your body and how to build solid foundations
  • Tips and tools to help you stay connected with you whilst taking care of the demands of a new arrival.


Menopause & Perimenopause


  • Understanding how nutrition, exercise and mindfulness play their parts in this transitional phase of life.
  • Helping you to recognise your signs and symptoms and putting in place ways to deal with them.
  • Identify key triggers and hormone disrupters

Nutrional Guidance & Conscious Eating

  • Helping you to understand salt, sugar & fats
  • Key nutritional food facts and benefits
  • Mindset and Habit breaking/forming



“Last week’s presentation was fantastic and enlightening and one that I thoroughly enjoyed. It was great to have some practical tips and suggestions as to how to alleviate one’s anxiety, stress and worry, I would highly recommend!”

“Thank you so much, lovely to experience the different ways of paying attention to ourselves”

“What an event! Amazing!”

“Really well presented, loaded with information and great overall vibe”

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