Massage can have a profound effect on both mind & body alike

Whether you choose to have a one off treatment or incorporate massage into your long term health and wellbeing lifestyle, there are a number of ways a qualified massage therapist can assist you.

Deep Tissue Massage

A series of firmer pressure techniques to target the inner layers of the muscles, and dense connective tissue and tendons. Focus and detail to specific areas.

Ideal for Muscle tension, Chronic muscle pain and injury rehabilitation.

Pregnancy Massage
(from 2nd trimester only)

A style of massage that has been adapted and tailored to maintain the wellbeing of the mother and child. It will closely represent a normal Swedish & deep tissue massage with varying degrees of firmer pressure to relieve discomfort and lighter pressure to help relax.

Lymphatic Drainage

A therapy which uses no pressure to restore and revive the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system works within our body, part of the body’s immune system.

It can assist in the removal of waste products, toxins and excess fluids, and in the delivery of antibodies, effectively helping us to protect from infection and fight disease.

Ideal for clearing congestion ( catarrh), viral infections such as cold & flu, cellulite, menopause, PMS, swelling ( odema).


Oncology Massage

Oncology (Cancer) massage is very specilaised, and is completely different to traditional forms of massage. It can cushion Cancer treatment and be a moment of respite.

Slow,  steady, light touch movements, are given methodically to provide a compassionate & pain free touch. Not all massages are full body, some maybe isolated parts. The length of massage time can & will vary.

Oncology massage can:

Assist the body’s central nervous system to help the body relax, lessening stress and anxiety.

Promote better sleep

Assist with Cancer & Cancer treatment side effects such as nausea & numbness

Swedish Massage

A series of light pressure relaxing strokes  of sweeping & kneading, tapping and passive joint mobilisation.

Ideal for general relaxation and tension relief

Seated acupressure Chair Massage (On Site)

Meridian Based therapy in which pressure is applied to acupressure points on the 12 major meridians accessible on the back, arms, hands, neck & head.

The Technique helps to stimulate and balance the flow of energy, circulatory, muscular, nervous, immune and lymphatic systems, whilst promoting the release of endorphins and important mood regulating neurotransmitters. 

This massage is carried out fully clothed. Mobile massage at your desk! 


Aromatherapy is a holistic therapy. It uses the basis of Swedish massage techniques and a blend of essential oils, mixed with either a base carrier oil or cream. It is designed that during the treatment the oils used will penetrate in through the skin and are absorbed into the bloodstream to circulate around the body. The inhalation through the nose also stimulates and enhances the experience throughout the body using the limbic system. Essential oils have many therapeutic benefits and may help in a number of ways such as helping you to relax, stress relief, energise, stimulate, help with sluggish digestion and so much more. Contact me for a consultation to find out which oils maybe suitable for you. 

What to expect: After a full consultation. I will pre select 6 oils based on your outcomes and conditions. You will be presented with these, their benefits explained and you will be able to select the oils used for your massage. I will blend the oils for your treatment. Aromatherapy inhalers, creams & balms are available to buy. 



Everybody can benefit from a relaxing, restorative massage