1-1 Coaching

1-on-1 simply put, allows you to dig deep and work solely on you. Well-being addresses many things and sometimes you may need to primarily focus on a specific area.

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Group Sessions

Group sessions offer you a chance ‘not to go it alone’ you can rally up your mural and confidence amongst others.

Group sessions are complete body workouts approx. 40 mins long. You will work all major muscle groups and spike your heart rate, leaving you to feel like you have done something positive.

Health and Wellness Workshops

Immerse yourself in a workshop and delve deeper into your well being – encompassing the tools you need to get you on your way. Workshops will contain food talks, exercise, mindfulness and discussions. They are completely tailorable for your group or attendees, If you require more of one subject over another, no problem.

Learn more what areas we specialize in.


Massage can have a profound effect on both the physiological ( the physical structure and the body systems) and psychological (mind).

Whether you choose to have a one off treatment or incorporate massage into your long term health and wellbeing lifestyle, there are a number of ways a qualified massage therapist can assist you.


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