Some kind words from people
I’ve worked with

“Sessions with Elizabeth are full of laughter and pain! She keeps challenging us just that little bit more, we say it is too much, but it’s not, we do it and feel great! She is always one step ahead in her training ready to push us to the next level. It has been a pleasure to be part of her class.”

- Teresa

“It’s the best & most enjoyable class I have attended- loved every minute, thank you. I think Elizabeth is fab & creates a lovely easy rapport.”

- Marie

“Elizabeth is reliable, punctual and always ready to start training ahead of time. The varied routines she plans keeps the group motivated and challenges us. The atmosphere she creates is supportive and fun and without fail we leave the session with more energy than we had an hour earlier. Thank you Elizabeth.”

- Joy

I have been doing group exercise sessions with Elizabeth for over 2 years now. She works us hard but adapts every exercise to the specific abilities of the individual – we might all be doing slightly different versions of the same thing. She also adapts the classes to suit any injuries or issues we might have, and is always happy to focus on any particular area we want to work on. She is also very encouraging as a teacher – she praises what we are doing and pushes us just enough so that we get stronger and fitter. Despite the hard work the classes are a lot of fun – we laugh a lot and keep coming back for more”.    

- Sandra

“I was a late joiner to the staff exercise class which is run by Elizabeth after a lot of nagging by a colleague. I hesitantly joined as I have not exercised for several years. Though I took part I did easier versions of the different exercise compared to others in the group. I in fact looked forward to attending the class each week as the weeks went by. I then approached Elizabeth for some personal training. We have now met for 5 weeks and I have increased my physical activity by a minimum of 3 sessions per week. We have focused on exercises that’s suitable for my needs and also I have started to focus on a weight loss regime and too date have lost 13 pounds. Elizabeth has given me sound advice on weight loss and exercise and this has has helped me do things that I was no longer able to do because of my weight Example- touch my toes. Put the exercise band around my leg, start using the stairs again without using the lift. Just these small changes have made this journey worthwhile and beneficial to my health and well being and I could have not done this without Elizabeth’s help and guidance’s. I would recommend the work that Elizabeth does and provides to anyone or any other services.”

- Moriom